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YOGA With Darlene Bink


 Yoga is commonly known to help release tension, create flexibility, and relax you. However, a Yoga practice offers much more than that. Yoga can bring clarity to your mind and a sense of balance and well-being to your body. Yoga is a vessel to help you discover the essence of who you are.  The more you practice, the more you realize that Yoga is truly about the Art of Living!  

Yoga DVD:  From the Ground Up:  Experience the Freedom of Scaravelli Yoga, The Fundamentals

I have created an energizing and well-rounded Yoga sequence based on the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli.   This DVD is appropriate for the beginner to advanced beginner level.

Throughout this DVD, I offer explanation of the three principles used in Vanda’s teachings – the ground, the breath, and the spine. In this particular sequence I have included the fundamentals, such as, a breathing technique, warm up stretches, several standing poses, hip openers, balance poses, strengthening poses, backbends, seated poses, twisting poses and relaxation poses.

I truly believe in working with the body’s natural movement and utilizing the body’s relationship to gravity. When practicing this DVD, please let go of your ambition and allow the body to soften. Release your weight into the ground and allow your spine to grow! Be present, aware of your body’s movement and follow your effortless breath. Give yourself infinite time….and wonderful things can happen.

Darlene Bink Yoga



"I just want to give you some very specific feedback on the DVD. First, as I said, I really love it. Here are some of the reasons — the choice and and sequencing of postures really blends well. The first stretches set the body up for the next and so on. The instructions are clear and to the point. It’s actually so easy to follow that I can remove my glasses and just listen without feeling the need to look at the screen to see what to do. Finally, and most importantly to me, the pace is perfect. You give lots of time to allow me to settle in to the pose, evaluate my body position, adjust if necessary and notice my weight distribution, breathing, and balance. This is just excellent."

– Anne Hickock

I watched part of your DVD last night, and did a few of the postures along with you. It’s amazing to me how such gentle work can be so rigorous! The DVD is beautiful, easy to follow, and it might even get me doing a home practice, which has been a challenge for me over the years. Thank you for a great class and for creating such a fine quality learning/practice tool.

– Janet Ledder

"Hi Darlene, my name is Roberta and I live in Norway. My husband and I are going to Egypt to do a beginners course in Scaravelli yoga in November. We wanted to find out a little bit about it before we went so we ordered your DVD. What a fantastic DVD!! We practise at least twice a week and it has become our favourite style (we have several other DVD’s). We can’t wait to do the course. I’m sure you get a lot of positive feedback but it’s always nice with a bit more. Is there any news about when the next DVD will be released?"

– best wishes, Roberta

Hi Darlene. I watched your DVD the other day and was very impressed. The two windows/viewing angles was a clever idea. I enjoyed it very much and will try it out myself. Your stressing the importance of breathing technique and limb loosenss was excellent. Your DVD is right up there in writing, quality, and planning with other good yoga DVD’s I’ve seen.

– Richard Schreiber

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