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YOGA With Darlene Bink


Darlene enjoys sharing with Yoga communities all over the world. Over the years, she has taught at Yoga studios, Yoga festivals, retreat centers, health and wellness centers, hospitals, universities, schools, churches, and in residences. Darlene is available to teach day or weekend workshops, as well as week-long retreats.

Some of the workshops Darlene teaches:

- The Ground, the Breath, and the Spine

– Awaken Your Spine, Discover the Ease

– Mindful Moving & the Rhythmic Body

– Exploring the Feminine Spirit

– Yoga & Intuitive Knowing

- The Art of Undoing

– The Fluid Body

Darlene can also customize a workshop/retreat for your group, such as, Yoga and Hiking, Yoga with a Spa Day, Yoga for Women, and Yoga and Wine Tasting.  

Email Darlene to set up a workshop. 

P A S T  W O R K S H O P S


April 28-29, The Ennis Yoga Studios, Ennis, Ireland


November 18-20, Mahabhuta Yoga Festival, Pensacola Beach, FL


October 14-16, Dallas, TX Workshop with Carol Stall & Catherine Annis


September 10-11, The Ennis Yoga Studios, Ennis, Ireland


May 2-3, 2015, The Ennis Yoga Studios, Ennis, Ireland


November 15-19, Mindful Moving & the Rhythmic Body, Jackies-on-the-Reef, Negril, Jamaica

July 11-13, Serendipity Festival, Cloverdale, IN


November 2, Carrollton Community Yoga, Carrollton, GA

September 13-14, Lean Her Way, Marion, IL

April 13, Irish Yoga Association, Galway, Ireland

April 10, The Teachings Rooms, Cork, Ireland

April 7, Ennis Yoga Studio, Ennis, Ireland

April 6, Irish Yoga Association, Dublin, Ireland


April 13-15, Lake Barkley State Resort Park, Cadiz, KY

March 31, Dreaming Creative Space, Wexford, Ireland


April 16, True North Yoga, Paducah, KY


June 20, Mandala Wellness Retreat, Sautee-Nacoochee, GA


September 26-28, Centro de Yoga, Marbella Spain


September 21-23, Centered City Yoga, Salt Lake City, UT

May 20, Eternal Health Yoga, Louisville, KY

April 14-15, Clearspring Yoga Studio, Chattanooga, TN

March 4, ACAC Fitness & Wellness, Midlothian, VA

March 3, ACAC Fitness & Wellness, Charlottesville, VA

February 4, Marietta Center for Yoga and Well-Being, Marietta, GA


November 18, Yoga Rasa, Pasadena, TX

November 17, The Yoga Haven, Galeveston, TX

August 25-27, Perfect Balance Yoga, Biliings, MT

June 17, Fox Island County Park, Fort Wayne, IN

April 9, Om Yoga Studio, Fayetteville, NC

April 8, The Savannah Yoga Center, Savannah, GA

March 11 & 12, Laughing Bodies Yoga, Crossville, TN

March 4, ACAC Fitness & Wellness, Charlottesville, VA

January 28, The Yoga Tree, Johnson City, TN


December 17, It’s Yoga, Travelers’ Rest, SC

December 3 & 4, Blue Lotus Yoga, Pensacola, FL

November 19, The Yoga Room, Crown Point, IN

October 8, Orbis Yoga, Louisville, KY

September 17, Kai Yoga, Albany, GA

August 27, The Asheville Yoga Center, Asheville, NC


January 2015, Mindful Moving & the Rhythmic Body, Negril, Jamaica

"Darlene opens the world of yoga to all by creating an atmosphere that allows the novice to be comfortable with new experiences and the advanced students to challenge themselves. She is attuned to the needs of each and every student, vigilant in her constant guidance. I always feel she is there to see that yoga is not only a physical experience for me, but one of the mind and spirit. Her knowledge of yoga, and the experience she brings with it, are a true gift that she shares freely and openly." kathy 


July 2014, Serendipity Festival, Cloverdale, IN

"Hi darlene. it was so nice to meet you this past weekend. I have done a lot of yoga and I have to say that your practice really speaks to me. I have been trying to remember all we did in the intuition class but the weekend is all run together! Would you be willing to share like the poses and some of the verbage you used. I literally spent all 3 days in a workshop or a class so I was mush by the end! I tried to recall some notes like 3 hours later but couldn't quite remember. Your class was definitely my favorite!! Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for being there! Namaste...Anna 

additional note from Anna: Just wanted to tell you I did your flowing movement practice tonight and my people absolutely loved it! I have got to figure out a way to come and learn from you! You have truley inspired me! Who knows maybe that Jamaica retreat. ..I will be looking that up! Thanks again!!" 

September 2013, Lean Her Way Studio, Marion, IL

Hi Darlene, 
I hope all is well. I just wanted to let you know that I am so glad I was able to go to your workshop last September. I had just started my yoga practice in June of last year, having started when I was a complete couch potato since I was dealing with a lot of health issues and chronic pain. I am so glad I was exposed to your way of teaching and insight early in my practice as opposed to years down the road. You brought something completely new, and the restorative and freeing nature of your teaching has made a huge impression on me. I had never done legs up the wall pose "seriously" before, and now it is probably my favorite go-to pose. It can even relieve my most severe pain when my health conditions are acting up.That being said, I really do attribute some of the physical/emotional healing I've seen in my body to things I learned from you at your workshop and I am eternally grateful for that. It reminded me to be at peace with the present and to honor my body and to let it do it's thing...not to get frustrated with it when my health problems won't just disappear over night (which is what I previously spent most of my time wishing and hoping for). It was also nice to hear your tips and alignment cues when it came to certain poses, for example expressing your dislike for the cue "square the hips forward" and showing us alternative footing for poses in which the heels are typically aligned. I tend to have trouble with my hips, and I hadn't heard your alignment suggestions in the classes I had been taking. They have really made a difference in my practice. It's not that "squaring my hips forward" caused me pain, but it was difficult to find ease or surrender in the poses since sometimes my hips just don't want to face that direction. I didn't feel right not sharing this with you, as you've made such an impact on my life and my practice. Thanks for everything! 

- Love & light,

April 2011, True North Yoga Workshop, Paducah, KY

I often hear the quote, "We are spiritual beings having a human experience". After taking Darlene's workshop I also came to see that her instruction is a "spiritual experience using the physical form". The beauty of slow flowing asana combined with Darlene's amazing spiritual path created an opportunity of meditative movement as discussed in the Yoga Sutras. She is a breath of fresh air in the yoga community. The combination of alignment, dance, pranayama, and meditation will keep me involved in her workshops and teachings. 

- Metta,
Jo Kilmer


September 2008. Centro de Yoga - Marbella, Spain

Darlene was an angel full of Light. With few words and an easy but intensive practice...she led us to very profound places. My joints were suddenly well oiled; everything flowed with generosity and charm. It is difficult for me to put in words the process of those few days, without being pretentious, because I only have a very very sweet sensation, when I close my eyes and remember those moments. 

The practice advanced and I found myself with new energy. I managed to go into the most advanced asanas, without any difficulty, which before I always did feel. After the first day, I went back home and something different had installed there, in my back. A new electricity ran through my vertebras and it was as if all over the contour of my body there was a healthy vibration. I slept profoundly and in peace. 

I was left with thirst for more. I would like to go deeper into Vanda Scaravelli's legacy and I smile when thinking that Darlene may be back any day, to be between us and to teach us so much and so good, that she knows and has. 

In my daily sadhana I thank everything. And now I add to my thanks, having met Darlene. Namaste. 


September 2007. Centered City Yoga - Salt Lake City, UT

I want to express my thoughts and feelings regarding the "Awakening the Spine" workshop. I went into the workshop with an acute pain in the right shoulder joint and arm. I had doubts about how I could practice any yoga movement without pain that evening. However, that first night I returned home the pain was almost gone and I felt good. By the time the workshop was over, I did not have ANY pain. I felt great! It was amazing and startling for me how this workshop affected my whole body. I loved the "wave-like" flow of this approach and believe now that it is THE way to avoid further injuries and maybe the most suitable type of yoga for me at this time. To avoid getting into and staying in a pose with extended and stiff arms seems to make a big difference and the wavy movement of the spine and arms enchants me. 

Thanks for having arranged this workshop. I will attend it again if they do come back! 


April 2007. Clearspring Yoga Studio - Chattanooga, TN

Thanks for putting me on the mailing list. I would love to attend another yoga session with you sometime in the future. I really enjoyed the workshop in Chattanooga recently. It was truly a wonderful and uplifting experience. Your enthusiasm and dedication to yoga and to teaching yoga is a great inspiration. Thanks so much for bringing it to us. 

Namaste, peace and love, 


March 2007. ACAC Fitness & Wellness Center - Richmond, VA

Thanks for yesterday! The emphasis on spinal work was a plus. I have very slight scoliosis which I notice usually when I lie on my back with knees to chest -- -because I may tilt to one side or the other unless I really concentrate on holding myself at center. . .by the end of yesterday's workshop I was flat on the floor. . .not off balance at all. This is often the case during my own yoga practice....but the beauty of when we did yesterday was that it's maintained. I've checked it out late last night and twice today. I am well aligned. 

Can't wait to share with my teacher training class this Thurs night. 


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